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Why Should You Hire A label Printing Company?

A labelling is basically information printed on a product. It could be on anything, a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, any metal or on anything. Information provided on these materials is considered as labelling. Labelling has many uses, first and foremost amongst them is the information that it provides us, it tells us about the brand name, how to use the product, life period of an item and hence, labelling plays a major role in telling us things which shows the concept of labelling needs to be taken significantly. We need to know with whom the labelling of products should be done and most importantly you need to know why you should hire a label printing company at your place?

Below are some reasons written that will help you in knowing why should hire the one: - 

  1. It assists you in providing a lot of options for your printing tasks:

Despite from various paper stocks presented in front of you, from which you can make a wise choice, hiring the services of a label printing company will come up with an advantage of versatility if the surface of your project is really smooth. You will have the advantage of getting them printed on different materials that will eventually provide you protection from numerous finishing. And not just this, they will be there at every step, they will be there to perform significant adjustments to your original design or do the whole design for your product.

Hiring a label printing company will make you work look all slick, stylish, and professional – the actual reflection of the enterprise which you are running. And most importantly, it will turn up to be easy to use the application as everyone knows how to use stickers.

  1. Hiring a label printing company will assist you in giving you professional finishing of your work:

Once you get yourself a professional label company, you will be ensured of the quality of different finishes you wish for your printing tasks. You will be presented with the quality work which will provide you ample of a surety that your sticker labels will be all flexible, durable and beautiful. You would not need to worry at all as you will be provided with all sensitive designs. Moreover, if you prefer your work to be professionally laminated, glossy, printed sticker labels in India or matte then you surely need to get happy as you going to get your dreams into reality.

  1. It will help you in lowering all the expenses or trimming down all the company expenses:

The fact about label printing company is that you will spend less with them because at the first sight itself, they will show you the guaranteed work at lower rates. You can try all the printing companies but for your own good it is recommended to you that for once, try to compare all the costs of printing on your own and using various advertising tools to  the cost-efficiency of using professional printers and see the difference for yourself, and you will see what a different they actually have and an entire idea of hiring a label printing company turned out to cheap in monetary terms.

  1. Their work will be much more efficient with the use of their professional machines:

It would not only help you in saving costs, your company expenses but also you will find them respecting and valuing your time. Professional printers help in saving a lot of time and efforts. With the money you pay them, they will revert back to you with all fast-forwarded work.

These professional printing services will give you enjoyment of all the benefits and merits that are based on the requirements and needs of you own business.

  1. Latest designs:

It is considered to be as a really exciting merit of hiring such a company as they will provide you all the latest designs prevailing in the current scenario with all attractive colours.

  1. Perfect colouring:

A right printer would present a combo of best colours for the labelling on your products with all printed stickers labels in India. Colouring is the main aspect of your business so it needs to be chosen wisely as it will help you in attracting different customers for your products.

So, these are all the reasons and we hope, the article helps you in making a wise choice.

Clear labels – perfect for premium products

Product labeling and packaging plays a key role in establishing the brand position. However, sometimes manufacturers want the packaging to be as less obstructive as possible. When the product itself is a strong USP; there is no need of covering it in packaging.  Also, sometimes manufacturers want to show what the customers are paying for. In such cases, clear printed labels enhance the shelf appeal manifold.

Transparent labels do not block the view. They are more appropriate when label manufacturers want to underline purity. Conventional paper is not fit for this category of sticker labels. They can be printed on transparent plastic sheets or directly on containers.  Vibrant colors and attractive fonts can be used liberally because the labels do not obstruct the view.

Label Manufacturers India advocates clear labels for a sleek appearance. Label Manufacturers in Mumbai offers a wide variety of designs and patterns to fulfill client requirements.  There has been a slash in prices in the recent years due to advancement in technology.

Sticker labels that are quick and convenient

Products require smart and attractive packaging in the ferociously competitive world.  Printed self-adhesive labels have become greatly popular because of their convenience.

Types of labels

  • Standard sticker labels: It is the most primitive type where labels are printed on a sticker paper. Though it is a cheap and popular option in adhesive labels, it is less preferred for industrial purpose because of less durability.
  • Standard vinyl labels:  Since they are waterproof and extremely durable, a wide variety of industries demand vinyl stickers. They are relatively cheaper than paper stickers. Due to sustainability under extreme temperatures, they are suitable for hot and cold beverages and frozen items. The colors do not fade off easily.
  • Clear labels: They are a hot trend today. Transparent labels are printed on transparent vinyl sheet. These labels do not obstruct the view and consumers can see the product clearly.

Labels can be printed in a single color, double color and multi color labels as per requirement. Printing cost depends on the quantity and quality of printing.

JK Labels’ High-End Storage Facility: One of Many Success Factors

The finesse of the label manufacturers come with a lot of factors including the quality of their storage facilities. The dies, blocks and inks used for printing also need to be stored in high-end facilities to avoid a messy printing. As an ISO certified sticker manufacturer, JK labels has separate storage facility for stickers, dies, blocks, inks and spare parts.

World-class storage for face stocks

JK labels has a vast storage facility for variety of face stocks.  We know what happens if the labels do not fix properly on a product. Such instances occur due to reasons like- use of low quality adhesives in the sticker labels; and improper storage that leads to loss of adhesiveness.  Well-maintained storage facility with controlled temperature ensures that the quality of the face stock is maintained and their non-ooze quality is preserved.

Scientific storage for dies, blocks and inks

Proper storage of dies and blocks not only adds to the quality of printing, but also saves a lot of time. At JK labels, they are stored in the best conditions, and are systematically numbered.  The inks are  stored at an optimum temperature, in a separate room. This ensures that their viscosity is maintained to deliver well-printed self adhesive labels.

Spare parts to reduce machine downtime

In order to minimize the machine downtime, it is important that the manufacturing units have enough back up of spare parts. JK labels’ storage facility includes a separate section that contains spare parts which can be used for six to seven years.

Well, with JK labels the customers never hear the excuses of run-out face stocks, awaited machine repairs or malfunctioning of the inks, dies and blocks.

Visit www.jklabels.com now and get your labels custom-made by the premier label manufacturer in India. 

Latest Trends in Airline Baggage Labels

Airline labels not just helps in identifying a baggage or in cautioning about the fragility of a baggage, but are also a form of advertising for the airlines company. A suitcase is assumed to be carried around the world, and the tiny labels stuck on them speak volume about the airline as a brand.

Laminated Self-adhesive labels for luster and durability

Laminated labels have polished look and are of highest quality. This is one of the latest trends in airline baggage labels that no airline brands can miss. In lamination, a clear film is applied to the label material. This is what makes in lustrous. Laminated labels are tear-proof and moisture resistant. Thus they become more durable. A laminated label looks any time better than the non-laminated ones.

Attractive label printing using cold foils

JK Labels use cold foil technique to make attractive labels with metallic sheen. Even though the most popular colors used for this process are gold and metallic, being one of the premier Suppliers or labels, JK Labels has the facility to produce it in many colors. Cold foils can be done on any surface and this would be the perfect way to enhance the appearance of your sticker labels.

Varnished custom labels for enhanced protection

Varnished adhesive labels produced by JK labels ensure enhanced protection of the labels. Varnishing is a process of applying a heat-cured clear coating of transparent ink on the surface of a label.

Visit www.jklabels.com now and get your labels custom-made by the premier label manufacturer in India. 

The Machines That Print the Labels

Product manufacturers rarely know and are hardly interested about how the beautiful and attractive printed labels that they ordered actually become a reality. This is not the ideal situation, as doing so the people who need sticker labels do not appreciate the sophisticated technology and expertise that goes into the making of the labels, and neither realizes how much more the machines and the label manufacturers can do. We shall look into a few of the machines that are currently used by JK Labels and what they are capable of doing:

Gallus EM 280

The Gallus EM 280 is manufactured by Gallus, Switzerland and is the subsidiary of Heidelberg, Germany. The Gallus EM 280 is an excellent machine to produce high quality sticker labels in small and medium sized runs. The Gallus EM 280 comes with an option of printing in seven or eight colours and includes high level of specialisation for applications like tickets, booklet and multi-web labels. The speed at which the labels are produced coupled with the UV technology makes it ideal for most types of labels.

Speedmaster XL 106

The Speedmaster XL 106 is a sheetfed offset printer, as opposed to traditional flexographic ones, and is capable of printing as many as 18000 transparent sheets per hour. The speed and accuracy of the machines is unmatched by any other and is ideal for customers requiring very large volumes of high quality UV printed labels.

If you wish to learn more about the label machines and which one is best suited for your label needs, visit www.jklabels.com now!

Rising Trends in Cosmetic and Healthcare Product labels

Plain and simple labels for the soaps and lotions used two decades back are now well and truly history. Today the labels of FMCG products are perhaps the most advanced in terms of technology and diverse in terms of materials used. It is because printed labels play a very important role in developing an attractive packaging of a product, something that can entice the consumer into trying the product out. Today a large variety of sticker labels, self adhesive labels and transparent labels are being used in the packaging of the FMCG products.

Among the rising trends, transparent labels are perhaps the most widely used today. Most transparent labels are made out of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester. These transparent labels enable the very innovative form of packaging where the insides of the packaging are visible to the buyer. They are most frequently used together with transparent packaging bottles for products like shower gels, shampoos and other liquid products. Other products like tubes and bottles that are squeezed several times have seen increased use of squeezable self adhesive labels. These labels are usually laminated and moisture resistant so that they withstand the rough handling on the surface. The adhesive of the products also needs to be stronger than the ordinary.

Embossed labels, ‘soft touch’  sticker labels and screen printed labels for added texture are some other new trends in label manufacturing. Embossed labels are used mostly on bottles that are likely to be picked up by the consumer before buying. The embossed logo of the product can give a nice feel to the consumer and persuade him/her to try the product out. The same can be said about ‘soft touch and textured labels. The labels can indeed make the first time buyer to try the product, just because its label feels good in his/her hands.