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All the raw material in our plant is stored at optimum temperature to preserve their adhesive tact ness and non-ooze quality. Our raw material is sourced only from the best suppliers in the world. At any point in time, sufficient quantity and variety of face stocks and inks are available. We also have a wide range of die sizes to choose from. The dies and blocks are neatly and systematically numbered and stored in the best conditions.

The inks used at JK Labels are stored in a separate room, at an optimum temperature, ensuring that the viscosity, and thus, the print quality of our self-adhesive labels are not affected.

The plant has several store rooms, each used for a specific purpose. The stores have enough spare parts to last five to six years, minimizing machine downtime.

  • Storage Areas For German Cutting Dies
    Storage Areas For German Cutting Dies
  • Blocks Storage
    Blocks Storage
  • Cylinders Storage
    Cylinders Storage
  • Inks Storage
    Inks Storage
  • Cartons Storage Area
    Cartons Storage Area
  • Finished Goods Storage
    Finished Goods Storage
  • Raw Material Storage
    Raw Material Storage
  • Ink Kitchen
    Ink Kitchen
  • Storage Area for Cores
    Storage Area for Cores