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Firstly, thank you for choosing India for your labeling needs which helps save you at least 50 - 70 % of your labeling cost without compromising on finest quality.


Q. Why is there a growing trend amongst countries to outsource their Label manufacturing to India?

The biggest reason no doubt is the cost advantage. India is much cheaper when it comes to manufacturing high quality labels. Also the workforce is efficient, highly skilled, reliable and English Speaking. Fluency in English makes communication very simple and clear. Other reasons include high-quality services, reduced operating costs, greater flexibility, high-end technology and stable government. Outsourcing to India can save you more than half your operating cost.

Q. Why outsource your labeling need to us?

Few of the reason why your company should allow us to help you with your labeling:-

Q. Could you explain your procedure to place an order?
Q. Can I receive a sample of my labels before going in for final commercial orders?

Yes you can. However we would need an advance of the processing cost (dies and blocks) as well as the courier charges which is minimal. Printing would be free of cost! The sample labels would reach to you in any part of the world within 12 working days of approval of artwork and receipt of purchase order and payment.

Q. What are the terms of payment?

Payment - We take either 100% advance after the approval of sample or we can open an LC (letter of credit) at the cost of the buyer.

Q. What are the documents you would provide after the export?

We would send you a scanned and original copy of Air way Bill (AWB) / bill of lading (BL), custom Invoice and Packing list as soon as the material is dispatched from Mumbai.

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Q. How many years of experience do you have in exporting labels and how many countries have you exported to?

We have more than 15 years of experience in exporting labels .We have exported labels to innumerable countries but our regular clients are from middle eastern countries like UAE, Bahrain and Iran, African countries like Ghana ,Kenya and Angola ,European countries like Russia, Yugoslavia, United Kingdom and Ireland to name a few.