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Why your Business Needs Security Labels?

The workspaces and modern offices are turning into a complex structure that people are finding it hard to understand its base and the reason for its complexity. The businesses are evolving with the advancement of technology as the competitors are utilizing them to stay ahead of the competition and they are safe compared to human labour. The requirement of the technology has become a basic need and it is being used in every sector of the business these days which should be picked by every individual in order to push their business to the next level. Security labels in India are used widely in the current generation and even the startups are emphasizing on the need of it every sector which gives boost to many of the security label manufacturers.

Asset labels:

Asset labels are used in many of the business sectors and one must have noticed its use in their office places or buildings which consists of a barcode label and the name of the company that follows with the text ‘property.’ They are basically used in schools, hospitals and mostly is seen in the office space where the setup exists of expensive equipment and other gadgets. Here the security label manufacturers help the customers to choose from many designs which suits their environment and manufacturers provide the best options possible in order to fulfill the needs of their consumers. They even have ultra-adhesive versions which are very difficult to remove as that leads in finding the missing equipment easily.

Tamper-evident labels:

Many people have been exposed to tamper-evident labels thanks to security labels who have given the opportunity to experience the sick form of labels. Medical and pharmaceutical companies normally use these labels to stick on their products which are designed in such a way that it breaks up when the package is tampered or opened. If the label isn’t broken that means the package isn’t sterilized, has not been sabotaged and it is safe. They are used to stick computer game cases, CD and DVD which leads to the reduction of temptation for the contents to be taken.

Holographic labels:

When it comes to authenticity, holographic labels define authenticity and gives an assurance to the receiver that the product is genuine. In order to avoid the products that are counterfeited, the label is a seal of approval that the product is authentic and they are extremely hard to replicate the legitimate products. One can usually differentiate the products from the initial looks as most printers would not take into consideration to produce counterfeit labels which are not legal and may lead to legal penalties.

So it important to consider business needs security labels that can protect the products and give it more authenticity, lifeline and value.

The Importance of Reading and Understanding Food Labels

We go to grocery stores to buy our monthly groceries. We pick up all the things we need and want and consume without thinking much about its beneficial factors. Many at times, we pick up a lot of packed and processed foods that may or may not be good for us. We get tempted to pick up junk such as chips and packed snacks. Do you just pick it up without thinking about the nutrients it contains? This is when you must turn to the back of your packed and processed food and read the small black and white box which contains information about what the product. These are called ‘Nutritional Facts Label’ or, in simpler terms, ‘Food Label’.

How Packaging & Labelling helps in Marketing?

When you are launching some new product in the market, just working on the quality of the product is not necessary, marketing plays an equally important role. Marketing help brands to make people aware of their product. You can impress your customers with the quality once they purchase the product but what will make them buy your product in the first place? Obviously the package of the product. Read in this blog, the role packaging and labeling in India play in marketing campaigns:

6 Ways Stickers And Labels Can Add Value To Your Marketing

Every company in the market wants to leave their maximum impact on the market and in the minds of the potential buyers. They go out of their way to market their products. One of the best ways to enhance the marketing for your company is to use the stickers and labels.

These labels play a vital role in the marketing of any company. There are several ways through which these stickers and labels help your company to reach new heights.

What Are The Important Functions Of Labelling?

From the packaging of a food item to the packaging of any electric item, all of these packagings in India have one thing in common, which is the labelling. The product labelling in India plays an important role as it has various important functions which they serve. These labels are not just mere stickers for the basic pieces of informations, there is much more to it. The packaging and labelling in India are not only helpful for the consumers but they are quite useful for the quality check as well.

Let us discuss some of the important functions of labelling-

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand with New Self Adhesive Stickers

Stickers and labels will usually be an underused tool when it involves promoting your business for many businesses, stickers will generally seem to look low-cost and in turn, this may be thought to devalue your brand. However, this isn’t forever the case, after you invest in quality stickers and labels, you can do most for your brand and your marketing.

Self adhesive stickers come in all varieties of shapes and size and are appropriate for so many various jobs including address labels, name badges, product labels or perhaps window stickers. With such a lot of uses for stickers and labels, it’s easy to see how they will play a job in adding value to your brand.

Helpful Tips To Increase Sales With Labels And Packaging

Looking out for the means through which you can increase your product sales and implementing to the professional practice, isn’t an easy task, especially when it is up to the customers, who make the decision of picking up your product from the shelf in a matter of seconds. So this is the reason that experts advice for implementing a few things which can help you in increasing your label product sale.

Here are some tips to consider which can increase your sale with labels and packaging-

How to Design a Creative & Eye Catching Food & Liquor Beverage Label

The task of creating a creative and eye-catching food or liquor beverage labels is a rather difficult one. In this blog, we will be trying to make this task easier by suggesting some amazing ways of designing a great label.

Select the right colours:

Color is the most important element of food labels, therefore, it is important to give due consideration while selecting it. One of the certain ways to make your food labels more attractive is by selecting bright and vibrant colours. With the modern printing facilities, it has become possible to print whatever colour you desire. When using multiple colours, try to select the colours that go harmoniously with each other. Also, you must refrain from using grey-scale or neutral colour as they dampen the entire feel of the label.

Select the right font:

The right font selection is absolutely essential as it can either enhance or degrade the appearance of your label. Along with font, thought also must be given when selecting the writing style. The cursive fonts surely do seem attractive but they are often difficult to read. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to select a simple font, preferably sans serif style.

Select the right material:

To create eye-catching liquor beverage labels, only the highest quality materials must be used. A good quality material not only looks good but also enhances the effects of the printed graphics. One must give particular attention to the texture of the material. As a rule, it is generally a good idea to select a smooth texture for food and beverage labels. For food and beverage category items, the transparent label is also a great choice.

Select the right shape:

The shape of the label plays a vital role in creating its appeal. For liquor beverage labels, the basic and symmetrical shape is preferable, however, if you want to try something different, eccentric shapes will be fine.

Create a distinct design:

You must select all the above elements in the suggested manner. However, all the elements must be combined in a manner that makes your product look truly unique. Your primary goal should be to make the product distinct from your competitors but at the same time, your label should look as if it belongs to food and beverage category item.

How to Choose the Right Type of Label Adhesive?


Composed of strong chemicals, adhesives are an integral component of product manufacturing and are utilized to bond materials together. However, adhesives differ in terms of their application, quality and durability as well. This is the reason why proper research and attention is a must while discovering the best options around. Choosing the best adhesives does not have to be difficult, rather there are only a few factors to consider when choosing the right type of adhesive.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Best Adhesives

Substrates: Understanding the materials that form the core of adhesives is of utmost importance. This is because there are certain compounds that work well on a glass while others adhere well with metals or plastic. Go through the list of substrates that are found in the adhesive and determine whether they will be suitable according to the application that you require.

Working Life: The work life of an adhesive can be defined as the time period before which the material tends to gel. This depends on the type of material and the quality of adhesive that you choose. For example, those materials that have been cured with single UV do cure quickly compared to others.

Cleanliness: Be it complex operations or simple printing, each one of them needs adhesives whose substrates have been prepared effectively. This includes the use of advanced technologies such as plasma treatment, chemical etches and other essential processing.

Viscosity: When looking for adhesive label printing you must never forget the viscosity of the product. The thinner or viscous the liquid is, the thin will be its bonds. Such liquids are an amazing option for vertical applications.

Performance: Most of the adhesives have their basic requirements such as temperature, mechanical stress and consistency. Those that have been designed to work in high temperature will need that boost of heat in order to perform the way it should. So, analyze the performance of the product and how it responds to your business applications.

Making Considerations For Applications
In most of the cases, companies only approve excellent quality adhesives for the process of manufacturing, yet later realize that its processing is either wasted or ineffective. So make sure you do have a look over the mixing, dispensing and application concepts to avoid any complications and streamlining the performance level of the adhesive with the production level of the business.

JK Labels: Promising Excellence with Exemplary Self Adhesive Labels

You can initiate a lot of activities for the recognition and popularity of your brand. But customers, more often than not, believe what they see. Therefore, it is equally significant that your product packaging is outstanding and has got enticing labels to address the target audience. Rightly concurring with these facets, JK Labels is such a company which has long helped brands excel with its magnificence in self adhesive labels, stickers, graphics and much more!

The company, with its three decade involvement with fine prints and exceptional inks, has recurrently transfigured the industry and earned its due recognition amidst leading labels manufacturers in India. Label manufacturing is a kind of business in which resources need to be frequently aligned with sophisticated machinery. This has two evident advantages – quality and security!

Quality gets obvious through catchy and appealing labels, while security is imperative so as to check the threats of counterfeiting. JK Labels exceeds expectations in this respect with an unbelievable assortment of security hologram stickers and self adhesive labels made from write-protected and secured inks.

It goes without saying here that your investment with one of the most reliable manufacturers of labels Mumbai is far rewarding as against the possible losses because of imitation in some corner of the world. This factor is identically taken care in everything, right through packaging labels to plain laser labels and from warning labels to cheque protection.

Your products must get the attention they deserve and that is possible through most dependable label manufacturers India. Your search ends the moment you choose JK Labels to partner with! Visit now!