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Q. How long has your company been in the labeling business?

Our family has been in the labeling business for well over 27 years now

Q. What are the certifications your company has?

JK Labels is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS and ISO 14001:2004 EMS certified company.

However the testimony of the Vice Chairman of Worlds largest Label machine manufacture Gallus Ferd, Ruesch AG says it all-.

Mr. Ferdinand Ruesch who visited our plant on February 19, 2009 says:


Q. What is the lead time of a job?

Typically we would say 8-10 working days for a new job after the approval of artworks, receipt of payments and Purchase order .We take 5-6 working days for a repeat order.

Q. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of your company?

Minimum order quantity of a job would depend on the size of the labels. Larger labels would have smaller MOQs and vice versa. We can print any number of labels however we have a fixed lot rate charges due to initial set up time and wastage.

Q. What kind of label artwork files do you accept?

Our preferred file formats are Adobe® Illustrator® and Corel Draw®. If there is any doubt regarding the format of the file, we are more than happy to guide you. You could send the files in a CD or email it to us.

Q. How will I receive the label proof?

We will send you a .pdf or a .jpeg file for the online file approval. We could also send you a paper approval.

Q. What is the Capacity of JK Labels Pvt Ltd.? What is the spare capacity?

Capacity - In excess of 50000 square meters per day.

Spare capacity - As soon as we realize a particular machine is nearing its utilization, we go for an immediate expansion which enables us to have at least 25% spare capacity at any point of time. This enables us to service new clients in a very efficient manner. We have added two machines in 2008 and 2009 and are in the process of adding another two more in 2011 and 2012.

Q. What different label formats could you manufacture?

We can manufacture labels in any format - Roll form, sheet Form or Computer stationery form.

Q. Who are your raw material suppliers?

We assure you that we purchase our raw materials (label stock, inks, cutting Dies etc) only from the best suppliers in the world Like Avery Dennison - Fasson, UPM Raflatac for our Face Material and Seigwerk, flint group for our inks. All our Machines, Dies and Cylinders are German.

Q. Who are your customers?

It would be fair and safe to say that we have worked with most of the top companies in almost all the sectors like FMCG, pharmaceutical, Lubricants, Cosmetics, personal care etc. To know more visit our clientele.

Q. Do you continuously upgrade your systems, procedures in order to ensure products of consistent & improved Quality standards?

Yes, all our machines and systems are modern and sophisticated as per international standards. We keep ourselves up dated with the latest in the world of labels to provide our customers with nothing but the best.

Q. What are the important factors that determine the performance of a label?

Factors like Varnish, Lamination, Face material, Adhesion and release paper determine the performance of a label.

Whenever a customer calls us for an enquiry, we don't just give them labels. We try understanding their requirements, problems, application and substrate where the labels are going to be pasted. Depending on that, we recommend a level of adhesion, varnish, lamination and face material.

For e.g.: Adhesion levels, Face stock, Varnish, Silicon Release paper would be different for pharmaceutical, FMCG, Lubricant and a wine Labels.

Q. What are the important considerations in determining the price of labels?

Few of the important parameters would be:

  • Quantity - Label set up time and wastage is the same irrespective of the quantity you order. So higher quantity is always more economical.
  • Size of the labels
  • Raw material to be used (paper/PVC/PE/BOPP or any other specific)
  • Whether the job is a one time or a repeat job
  • Number of colours
  • Enhancements like Lamination/cold foil/hologram/numbering/screen printing etc.
What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal transfer printing?

Thermal transfer printing uses a thermal ribbon to print onto the label. Direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon

Could you explain the printing process in brief?

The process goes as follows:

Computer artworks (Corel draw or an Illustrator file) are converted into negatives. Each colour would have a specific negative. These negatives are then converted to Polymer blocks which forms the basis of printing. The raw material i.e. self adhesive label (jumbo rolls) passes through the 7-8 different units and each unit gives a different colour and design on the raw material depending on the artwork. They then pass through online varnish/cold foil/hologram etc units if required by the job. The labels are then half cut into different shape and sizes as required by our customers with the help of an online die cutting machine. They are checked for missing/defective labels if any in an online web inspection machine. They are then customized to a specific format i.e. sheet form, roll form or continuous (computer) stationery form and later neatly packed in bundles (if sheet form/ continuous stationery form) or labels around the core (if roll form).

Q. What is unwinding Direction?

The unwinding direction is the direction in which the labels come out from the rolls.

Q. What is the significance of varnishing/lamination?

In Lamination, a clear film is applied to the label material, giving it a polished appearance. Lamination is mostly done to protect the label, and the label is rendered moisture-resistant and practically tear-proof, thus increasing the life of the label. Lamination also enhances the label's visual appeal.

Varnishing refers to the process of applying a heat-cured clear coating of transparent ink on the surface of a label for protection and for giving it lustrous look. The labels with a varnishing enhancement protect the material and the printing from abrasion, sunlight, Chemical & Lubricants and moisture.

Q. What is the difference between flexographic and letter press technology?

Flexographic Printing is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible Polymer plate which is in direct contact with the label material to give it the image of the artworks. . It is basically an updated version of letterpress that can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate including plastic, metallic films and paper.

It is highly economical, 100 % accurate, very sharp and the quickest form of label printing.

Q. Why is there a growing trend amongst countries to outsource their Label manufacturing to India?

The biggest reason no doubt is the cost advantage .India is much cheaper when it comes to manufacturing "Quality" labels. Also the workforce is efficient, highly skilled, reliable and English Speaking. Fluency in English makes communication very simple and clear. Other reasons include high-quality services, reduced operating costs, greater flexibility, high-end technology and stable government.

Outsourcing to India can save you more than half your operating cost.

Q. Why outsource your labeling need to us?

Few of the reason why your company should allow us to help you with your labeling:

  • We are one of the largest and most veteran label printers in India. We are extremely trustworthy and reliable. Our good name is extremely important to us and we would not leave a single customer dissatisfied. If you encounter any queries, problems or are in a look out for a solution at any point of time, you could directly contact the Director of the company.ie Karan Kapur at karan@jkfineprints.com and he would personally get back to you within 24-48 working hours .That is a guarantee!
  • We have worked with several international companies for their labeling needs; hence we know what is expected out of us in terms of quality, service, reliability, systems and innovations.
  • Our Machines, infrastructure, raw materials, systems (ISO 9001) are better than or at par with most European or American Label Printers. Our technologies and service are nothing short of international standards.
  • Our pricings are very competitive. We would surely be saving you between 50-75% of your label cost.
  • Our team is young and friendly at the same time highly professional and qualified.
  • We are committed to maintaining environment-friendly infrastructure sincein compliance with ISO 14001:2004 EMS certification.
  • All Our raw material is sourced only from the best suppliers in the world.
  • Our deep knowledge and experience of self adhesive label industry and understanding of customer requirements allows us to provide a solution to any labeling problem.
  • We are always in a continuous process of updating ourselves with the latest trends in the world of self adhesive labels
Could you explain your procedure to place an order?

Send us your basic requirement of the labels i.e. The quantities you need, number of colors, size of the labels, format of the labels (whether it is roll form, sheet form, front and back labels etc), application of the labels (substrate), raw material to be used etc. The underlined requirements are a must so that we can offer you a quote.
You can either fill the enquiry form on our website or simply drop an email of your requirements on info@jklabels.com

We will send you a quote at the earliest.

If the quote is approved by you, we will request you to send your file in the following format.

  • For a corel draw file (.cdr) please send us in "Convert to curves" format
  • For an illustrator file (.ai or .eps) please send us in "Create Online" format

We will send you a .jpg or a .pdf file for online file approval.

After the file is approved by you, we would request you to provide us with the exact pantone shades or actual label samples for 100% accuracy.

We would ask our client to give us specific details of their job. E.g. - face material, unwinding direction (for roll form), window varnish position (if required), core diameter (for roll form), maximum core width (for roll form), batch details (if required), delivery details etc.

If you want to place an order, we would need a scanned copy of a signed Purchase Order

Q. Can I receive a sample of my labels before going in for final commercial orders?

Yes you can. However we would need an advance of the processing cost (dies and blocks) as well as the courier charges which is minimal. Printing would be free of cost! The sample labels would reach to you in any part of the world within 12 working days of approval of artwork and receipt of purchase order and payment.

Q. What are the terms of payment?

Payment - We take either 100% advance after the approval of sample or we can open an LC (letter of credit) at the cost of the buyer.

Q. What are the documents you would provide after the export?

We would send you a scanned and original copy of Air way Bill (AWB) / bill of lading (BL), custom Invoice and Packing list as soon as the material is dispatched from Mumbai.

Q. How many years of experience do you have in exporting labels and how many countries have you exported to?

We have more than 15 years of experience in exporting labels .We have exported labels to innumerable countries but our regular clients are from middle eastern countries like UAE, Bahrain and Iran, African countries like Ghana ,Kenya and Angola ,European countries like Russia, Yugoslavia, United Kingdom and Ireland to name a few.