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These include recycled labels, Recyclable labels, re- closure labels and easily washable labels. Being ISO 14001 certified we know it is our responsibility to find ways to be environmentally friendly.

Easily washable labels :-

JK Labels provides pressure sensitive labels, which easily detach from their substrate (bottle) when they are put in temperatures above 65°C thus helping in the recycling of these bottles. The labels reduce the impact on the environment since the adhesives, inks and chemicals stay on the label during the removal of label from the bottle, and hence minimum water can be used to remove all the labels. This also promotes recycling of the bottles as the sticker label easily comes clean off the bottle using water of 65°C temperature without leaving any residue on the bottle. The end user does not have to invest in special separate washers since the simple existing washer can be used to wash off these labels making it cost effective. These self-adhesive labels use a special adhesive, which detaches easily in water and a PET liner, which is easily recyclable. These are generally used in PET and glass bottles for a no label look. These labels find their application mainly in the alcohol and beer industry however they can be used for any product.

Re closure labels or re sealable labels: -

Re closure or re sealable labels allows your product to be opened and closed several times without affecting the freshness of the product or leaving a gum residue on the flexible packaging part of the product. It is widely used in the wet wipe industry where up to 60 opening and closings are possible without loosing out on the moisture or fragrance of the product. Re sealable labels can be made of PP, PE or PET and are a very trendy and cost effective way of packaging. The type of face material required for these re closure labels depends on - the product inside the flexible packaging, number of opening and closings required, whether or not the adhesive should be food grade. Re sealable labels is cost effective and environmentally friendly solution since the same product can be used multiple times without compromising on the quality of the product. Re sealable labels are also used in meat, personal hygiene, cheese and food industry. The adhesive of these labels is water, oil and chemical resistant.

Recycled labels and Recyclable labels

Being one of the biggest label manufacturers in India, JK labels has taken it as a commitment to decrease the impact of labelling on environment by advising clients to opt for PET liners and biodegradable labels instead of silicon liners. JK labels also provides a range of biodegradable products which have a biodegradable face material and adhesive that help in the recycling process. The environmentally friendly labels do not affect the performance of the label in any way. Certain labels make recycling of bottles almost impossible even in expensive washers and hence we advise our customers to stay away from such labels if they choose to be environmentally friendly. The raw materials which we choose for such labels are already recycled and are recyclable further and hence sustainable for the environment. These green labels have a face materials that is certified by the forest stewardship council ( FSC ) and the inks and adhesive are water based.

JK Labels is Mumbai based, one of India's leading label printing companies that provide environmentally freindly Labels ( green labels ). We are specialists in self adhesive label printing and are accredited label suppliers / label printers based in Mumbai.

Label Options

  • Paper
  • Chromo
  • Map Litho
  • Mirror Coated
  • Coloured Papers
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Films (opaque or transparent)
  • Poly Propylene
  • Poly Ethylene
  • Polyester (PET)
  • PVC
  • Metallized Foils

Label Finishes

  • Matt
  • Semi Glossy
  • Glossy


  • Hot Melt
  • Water Based


  • Sheet
  • Roll
  • Continuous Stationery


In this process, a clear film is applied to the label material, giving it a polished appearance. Lamination is mostly done to protect the label, and the label is rendered moisture-resistant and practically tear-proof, thus increasing the life of the label. Lamination also enhances the label's visual appeal.


Varnishing refers to the process of applying a heat-cured clear coating of transparent ink on the surface of a label for protection and for giving it lustrous look.

The labels with a varnishing enhancement protect the material and the printing from abrasion, sunlight, chemicals and moisture.

Serial Numbering

Labeling with unique serial numbers is required in various industries, such as retail and logistics, as well as for several purposes, such as identifying spare parts and individual units of goods and products.

Hot / Cold foil

This is a special image-producing method in which a thin foil with the label design is transferred on to the required surface.

This results in an eye-catching product, because of the metallic sheen of the foils. Popular foils used are gold and metallic, but several colours and finishes are available at JK Labels. Hot/Cold foil can be done on any surface, and is the perfect enhancement if you want your product to appear exquisite. JK Labels lets you choose what you want to include in the hot stamp- logo, text or design.


Embossing is a condition where an image is pressed onto a material to create an image that is raised above the level of the material.

Embossing is not only a cost-effective option, especially for low volumes, but also adds a dash of class to your product. It is also easy to detect any tampering of embossed labels, thus discouraging counterfeiting. We ensure that our labels are last long, and are available to customers in the shape, pattern, size and colour they require.


Bar coding is a method for easy identification of products or units, using a specific pattern comprising spaces and lines (bars) of varying width. The bar code represents alpha or alphanumeric data in machine readable form. Bar coding makes replication and forgery harder, and is easy to validate. JK Labels provides bar coded labels for a variety of industries.


Holograms have unique optical properties that make them almost impossible to replicate. They can be easily authenticated by customers and users. Our holograms not only will secure your products from counterfeiting and diversion, but they also look stylish, and complement your existing packaging.

Half Tone Effect/Gradient Effect

This is a process in which fine dots are used to create a variation in which the colour seems to fade from the base colour to a lighter-shaded version of a base color.

Screen Printing

This process is usually done to add texture to a label. It gives a very elegant feel to a label. We are one of few label printers in India who are capable of screen printing on labels.

Security/specialty Ink

We provide our customers with a choice of more than 20 security/specialty inks in different colours and print processes and guide them which ink they should use depending on the level of security, brand protection, and attractiveness they are looking for.

Few of the popular security/specialty inks are thermo chronic inks, metallic inks, optically variable inks and photo chromatic inks. span>