How To Choose The Right Self-Adhesive Labels

The right self-adhesive labels are the ones that can stick easily to even surfaces. They don’t peel easily.  The adhesive process can be interfered with because of dirt and dust. It can make your product look lower in quality. So, you should select self-adhesive labels with good quality backing material with appropriate surface properties, such self-adhesive labels will remain adhered to the product giving it a neat and impressive appearance.  If the backing material is not strong, then it is bound to peel off. You need to do research before selecting the right self-adhesive label. You need to understand what is causing your labels to lift? For choosing the right self-adhesive label, you should choose a strong and flexible material. If you are using tube labels, you should allow for enough overlap space. You can also choose laminated labels but they are not very flexible.  You should choose the right self-adhesive label suiting your product. The size, shape, color, etc. should match your needs. You should be aware of the general guidelines of using the self-adhesive labels and which label will be suited for a particular application. You should purchase self-adhesive labels from famous label manufacturers to get self-adhesive labels made with industry-standard parameters.

You should select the self-adhesive labels with appropriate coat weight.   For heavier materials, you should use stronger labelling materials for strong bonding.  The surface area of the adhesive label is a key factor in deciding the adhesive material.  If you need to cover a large surface area, the adhesive should be stronger.

The self-adhesive label should be selected based on the texture of the product.  Different self-adhesive labels are suitable for surfaces of different textures. If the self-adhesive label is not selected according to the texture of the product, it may cause the labels to peel off easily which makes your product look clumsy and untidy.    The self-adhesive labels should be made of the best quality material and should match the texture of the product to remain in place for a long time and create an impressive look of your product.

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