5 Tips on How to Print the Best Quality Full Color Stickers

The sticker is one of the products of graphic design that can be successfully used as advertising materials of any firm and corporation. So, are you planning to use stickers as part of your marketing campaign? And here it does not matter at all whether you are a representative of a large firm, or you are just a freelance artist who is looking for a way to express yourself.

Given the nature of the target audience for which your stickers are designed, they can successfully convey any information. This article will be useful to anyone who plans to use stickers as one of the marketing tools to promote their company.

The first thing you need to do when designing a sticker labels in India is to develop a goal for your stickers in advance. Before developing the concept of labels, you need to stop for a while and look into the future. Consider your goals, and also think about the best way to achieve them. What is the essence of your message? What would you like to achieve using these stickers? How exactly can you use stickers to your advantage? Exact answers to these questions will help you to put in your head a picture regarding the production of labels, as well as their design.

  1. Try to keep your label design as simple as possible. The key rule of any design work is “Make it easy,” and when it comes to label design, the same principle applies. Since you are dealing with a small space, you need to think about how to transfer your vision of the situation to a small piece of paper so that your thoughts are available at a glance. For this, it is best to use a few design elements, but to play on various visual subtleties.

  1. Do not use too many different colors. If you want your label to be understandable, use a limited color palette. The abundance of colors dispels attention; besides, full-color printing is really quite expensive. Choose one or two colors that reflect your brand and that will most effectively attract the attention of customers.

  1. Choose an attractive color scheme. The main rule for choosing a color scheme is to focus on two colors that perfectly complement each other. This is a surprisingly simple way to create an attractive design, while it works like a clock. Yellow and purple, green and red, orange and blue: all these color combinations will surely attract the attention of customers to your stickers.

  1. Try to be creative and unique. Your sticker labels must have a design that attracts the attention of the target audience. Of course, there is no specific set of rules, however, it is best to minimize your commercial intentions. If you simply place your company’s slogan on a sticker, as well as its logo, most likely, such a sticker will simply be thrown away. But if you come up with something truly unique, and your company takes a peripheral place with it, the chances are high that such a sticker will be as sticky and successful as possible.

  1. Pay attention to special effects. These are another way to attract the attention of customers. This may be the use of metallic foil or specialized metallic paint. If used properly by sticker manufacturers in India, such effects increase the chances of affecting customers and increasing your brand awareness.

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