How to Design a Creative & Eye Catching Food & Liquor Beverage Label

The task of creating a creative and eye-catching food or liquor beverage labels is a rather difficult one. In this blog, we will be trying to make this task easier by suggesting some amazing ways of designing a great label.

Select the right colours:

Color is the most important element of food labels, therefore, it is important to give due consideration while selecting it. One of the certain ways to make your food labels more attractive is by selecting bright and vibrant colours. With the modern printing facilities, it has become possible to print whatever colour you desire. When using multiple colours, try to select the colours that go harmoniously with each other. Also, you must refrain from using grey-scale or neutral colour as they dampen the entire feel of the label.

Select the right font:

The right font selection is absolutely essential as it can either enhance or degrade the appearance of your label. Along with font, thought also must be given when selecting the writing style. The cursive fonts surely do seem attractive but they are often difficult to read. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to select a simple font, preferably sans serif style.

Select the right material:

To create eye-catching liquor beverage labels, only the highest quality materials must be used. A good quality material not only looks good but also enhances the effects of the printed graphics. One must give particular attention to the texture of the material. As a rule, it is generally a good idea to select a smooth texture for food and beverage labels. For food and beverage category items, the transparent label is also a great choice.

Select the right shape:

The shape of the label plays a vital role in creating its appeal. For liquor beverage labels, the basic and symmetrical shape is preferable, however, if you want to try something different, eccentric shapes will be fine.

Create a distinct design:

You must select all the above elements in the suggested manner. However, all the elements must be combined in a manner that makes your product look truly unique. Your primary goal should be to make the product distinct from your competitors but at the same time, your label should look as if it belongs to food and beverage category item.

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