How to Stop Self Adhesive Stickers from Peeling?

Self adhesive stickers are a very cost-effective labeling method for consumer goods. They save a lot of time during assembly packaging. However, they can also be of much higher quality than directly printed packaging. This is why self adhesive stickers are popular among the biggest consumer brands like Hindustan Unilever, Coca Cola, and Nestle.

However, self adhesive stickers have one critical problem. They peel off easily if not applied properly, or if using an unsuitable type of adhesive. Since different materials like plastic or glass have different surface properties, labeling companies need to use appropriate adhesives.

First, it is vital to choose the perfect backing material for the self adhesive stickers. India’s best labeling companies like JK Labels should have a wide range of materials for you to choose from. These may be paper, recycled paper, a variety of plastic materials, or even fine metallic films.

Since self adhesive stickers are applied in fast moving assembly lines; the surface properties of the backing material has a big role to play. If your backing material is not sufficiently strong, or unsuitable for a surface, it is bound to peel off.

Label-lift or sticker peeling after production is rather common among retail products in India. The massive volume of the consumer market reduces focus on packaging and labeling. However, the best quality self adhesive stickers should not peel off. Unfortunately, label lift may not always happen because of the self adhesive stickers themselves.

The second most common labelling problem is using the wrong type of adhesive. Companies like JK Labels manufacture self adhesive stickers based on certain industry-standard parameters. These include several subtle factors like –

Coat Weight: Stickers are made of different materials, and each type has different physical properties. Coat weight issues mean that you’re not using adhesive that is strong enough. Heavier labelling materials like plastic labels require stronger bonding adhesives.

Label Size: The surface area of the self adhesive stickers also plays a key role in selecting your adhesive material. The more surface your sticker needs to cover, the stronger your adhesive must be. This is a common problem during large scale labeling operations.

Quality of Container Surface: Companies like JK Labels have often seen how clients have changed the container material, but failed to test their labeling. This change can cause label peeling even if both the sticker and container are made from the best quality materials!

Also double check if the adhesive substance on the self adhesive stickers are fresh. Old adhesive is another common reason for label peeling. This is even more precarious because the peeling happens a few weeks after leaving the factory. The brand will get little time to rectify such a situation before the products reach the retail shelves.


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