What Are The Important Functions Of Labelling?

From the packaging of a food item to the packaging of any electric item, all of these packagings in India have one thing in common, which is the labelling. The product labelling in India plays an important role as it has various important functions which they serve. These labels are not just mere stickers for the basic pieces of informations, there is much more to it. The packaging and labelling in India are not only helpful for the consumers but they are quite useful for the quality check as well.

Let us discuss some of the important functions of labelling-

  • Product and Content- One of the main functions of the labelling is to describe the product and provide complete information regarding the content of the product. The label is supposed to tell everything about the product which includes, usage, caution,  date of manufacturing, batch details, etc.

  • Brand Identification- The labelling does the vital job of providing the name of the brand. This makes it extremely easy for the consumers to find the particular desired brand’s product. Without labelling, this task of finding the wanted product would have been impossible if the labels are not there to give out the required information. This helps to distinguish between similar products of different brands.

  • Grading- Since the diverse products have different qualities, the labeling helps to grade the products which help us to understand what types of the pack contains what type of quality. Product labelling in India becomes very important for this reason. This helps the consumers to understand the quality which results in the betterment of the overall consumption as the people will eventually opt for the high quality products.

  • Attract- Another important function which labelling has is the task of attracting the customers. They can be used as an awesome tool for marketing as well. The catchy labels attract the customers and increase the sales eventually. The packaging labels printing companies make sure that the labels are looking attracting enough which can help in the increase of the sales.

Law Information- These labels also helps in conveying the laws and gives out the mandatory warnings which are decided by the law and the government. For example, the “Smoking Kills” warning is mandatory on every packet of cigarettes, this job of writing the warning on the pack is done with the help of the labels.

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